Garrobo was created to enlighten and shine the Latin American community in the vast and fruitful world of Bitcoin. Through our platform, we can educate everyone on the bitcoin spectrum, from those just getting started, to the expert analyst, while also providing a creative space for Bitcoin artists to show off their work. Wherever you are in the Bitcoin Universe, Garrobo can cater to you.


To help Bitcoin adoption by creating and building a Culture of Bitcoin providing international markets with high-quality visual arts and recognition for Latin American artists.

The Culture of Bitcoin

It is said when a person is enlightened about the importance of Bitcoin and starts using it as a coin of exchange or as a coin of commerce that person has been Orange Pilled. The emotion this discovering embrace has such a power to shape and transform all aspects of that person’s life – knowledge, beliefs, arts, laws, customs, capabilities, habits, and start evangelizing others with the gospel of Bitcoin. When this group of people share the same vision, Bitcoin becomes a social behavior. That is what we called the Culture of Bitcoin.