Bitcoin Volcano (Pearl/Tornasol)


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S1828 1/2
L2230 1/2
XL2431 1/2
2XL2632 1/2

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In commemoration of the pioneering country in adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender on September 7, 2021, we celebrate and wear with full understanding and envying pride the ‘Bitcoin Volcano’.

Original Garrobo T-shirt. Unisex. Exclusive design. DTF printed. Our 100% cotton t-shirts: a comfortable choice for any occasion.

Style Code: MBV23PT


In commemoration of El Salvador’s groundbreaking decision on September 7, 2021, to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender, we celebrate this historic move and the ‘Bitcoin Volcano.’ This milestone in cryptocurrency history has captured the world’s attention, with El Salvador becoming the first nation to embrace Bitcoin on a national scale.

The adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador has significant implications for both the cryptocurrency industry and the country’s economy. As we delve deeper into this remarkable journey, we uncover the benefits, challenges, and the evolving landscape of digital currency in this Central American nation. Learn more about Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador in our comprehensive guide.

Style Code: MBV23PT

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